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I had a HDD taken out of my NAS – it was the “My Book World Edition II (White Light)”. Although the HDD was fine but the NAS was loosing its connectivity capabilities day by day and eventually stopped working one day.

I successfully took the HDD  out by following the instructions in the below link:


Using varieties of free software from within Windows 10 I discovered that it was partitioned with Linux file format (Ext4 and RAW file formats). I have tried more software but I was not being able to see my folders and files but rather some other folders and files that I did not recognise (these were the files and folders used by the NAS).

After much looking further I stumbled upon http://www.reclaime.com/.

I tried the trial software and within a few clicks I could see all my files and folders. I was amazed to able to browse the folders and files that belonged to me. I was also really amazed at how easy it was to use the software.

I went ahead and bought the software. Although it was pricey (£190.93) it exactly did what it said on the tin.


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--Check if a table exists (and drop it if does) before creating it again
  FROM anydbnameOptional.dbo.sysobjects -- use TYPE to specify tables, Sps etc
  WHERE type = 'u' -- <a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms177596.aspx">http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms177596.aspx</a>
   AND NAME = 'whatever'
 DROP TABLE whatever

--Check if a database exists
  FROM master..sysdatabases
  WHERE NAME = 'DatabaseName'
 SELECT 'ok'

DECLARE @anotherWay VARCHAR(100)

-- if select is used then the outer bracket must be used as well
--set @anotherWay = (select DB_NAME())
SET @anotherWay = DB_NAME()

PRINT @anotherWay

-- To check and delete an object
--if object_id ('dbo.udf_CapitaAnsweredCallsKPI8') is not null
--    drop function dbo.udf_CapitaAnsweredCallsKPI8
-------- =========== Check if a column exists  ================================ --------------------------
  WHERE TABLE_NAME = 'myTableName'
   AND COLUMN_NAME = 'myColumnName'
 ---- The below way (sys.columns) is depricated
   FROM sys.columns
   WHERE NAME = N'columnName'
    AND Object_ID = Object_ID(N'tableName')
  -- Column Exists

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