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I had a HDD taken out of my NAS – it was the “My Book World Edition II (White Light)”. Although the HDD was fine but the NAS was loosing its connectivity capabilities day by day and eventually stopped working one day.

I successfully took the HDD  out by following the instructions in the below link:


Using varieties of free software from within Windows 10 I discovered that it was partitioned with Linux file format (Ext4 and RAW file formats). I have tried more software but I was not being able to see my folders and files but rather some other folders and files that I did not recognise (these were the files and folders used by the NAS).

After much looking further I stumbled upon http://www.reclaime.com/.

I tried the trial software and within a few clicks I could see all my files and folders. I was amazed to able to browse the folders and files that belonged to me. I was also really amazed at how easy it was to use the software.

I went ahead and bought the software. Although it was pricey (£190.93) it exactly did what it said on the tin.


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Use the conversion at your discretion.

A where clause having the convert keyword to convert date to varchar and compare would decrease the query time tremendously and you might need to do that when you want to split the time from date.

To test, I once ran a query containing a number of convertions and it ran for over 8hrs.
Amusingly, the same query ran for about 2.5 hours without the conversion.

--Example of such a query with the convert keyword:
select a, b
from tbl nolock
where convert(varchar(10), dateField, 121) >= '2009-08-10'

--Optimizated/Alternative method 
declare @myDate datetime 
set @myDate = dateadd(day, 0 ,datediff(day,0, getdate()))
Select @myDate 

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Type the below in the run command:


Type the below in a browser:

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