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My recommendations are:
SQL Server – Save here if you want to use SQL server Athentication (e.g. when scheduling a SSIS package)

SSIS Package Store – Save here if you just want Windows authentication (e.g. to run the package in another SSIS package). Please also note that the file here are just references to the location of where they reside in HDD.

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SSIS package can be run throguh SSMS jobs automatically only if

  1. it is created in the same machine
  2. the package accespts user key (user key is the saved profile for the user which created it) – (I don’t know how to do this from a different machine)

then either saving it to SQL server or File system of the SSIS server would allow the job to refer it.

When executing a SSIS “execute package task” from differenct server (not local) – the package can be saved to accept password but this CANNOT be run

automatically as there will be prompt asking for the password.

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Error: Communication link failure when connecting to remote database

Suggestion: Try using:

– SQLOLEDB.1 (Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server)

rather than

– SQLNCLI.1 (Native OLE DB\SQL Server Native Client 10.0)

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